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What is ET Client Statistics ?

ET Client Statistics provides a complete analysis of your etpro client stats and gives you a lot of statistics.
An online example is available here.

What do you mean by "etpro client stats" ?

When you use etpro, statistics are automaticly created at the end of each map and are saved in the etpro/stats directory.
If you do not have this directory, you have to set an option in Options -> Game -> Auto-Action.

How does it work ?

You have to upload a zip file with all your stats.
To make the zip file, go into your etpro/stats directory and make a zip file with all the directory (yyyy_mm_dd).
For linux users the zip file can be created like that:

      cd $HOME/.etwolf/etpro/stats
      zip -ru $HOME/ *

Do you store the stats file ?

No, all data uploaded are deleted immediately at the end of the analysis.



Upload a ZIP archive of your client stats:


  • Exlude stats files with less than players per team.
ETClientStats for ET : created by SOz and tty of [geekjide]